Sam's Organics was founded on the idea that our bodies deserve the highest quality products. By using all organic and pure ingredients, the body has the opportunity to flourish every day. Sam Melesko, Founder, began Sam's Organics essentially by first switching her diet to completely organic five years ago. With this change in diet came the realization that store-bought products were covering her skin, hair, lips and the air she breathed with toxic chemicals. Sam began doing extensive research and recipe development over the next year. By spreading the products to everyone she knew, the products were perfected and the idea of 'Sam's Organics' became a reality. With the positive feedback given, the business idea developed to what it is today.

Sam's Organics is handcrafted locally in San Diego, CA. All products are made with love, to order, using only the finest organic and natural ingredients. Feel good about knowing your body is being loved. The essential oils used to scent each product are also meant to relax the mind and allow each user to reach a calmer state of being. Thank you for the support thus far friends and let's continue to spread love!


Hi Friends!

This is all a dream come true and I thank you if you are reading this! I've been visiting Costa Rica for over ten years now and every time I visit the jungle I become closer to nature and what's important in life. Part of that has been a quest for all organic, locally sourced food and making my own body and household products. I never knew it would become a business I could share with others. My passions in life are yoga, meditation, cooking, being in nature, travelling and spending time with my loved ones (especially my husband Nick). ;)

Living in San Diego has opened up so many new relationships and has brought so much positive energy into my life. I'm hoping that with each order fulfilled you will feel my loving energy through the products. I thank you for following my journey.

With Gratitude,