Sam's Organics is dedicated to inspiring others to adopt a healthier, holistic and plant-based, lifestyle. Sam’s Organics was developed in November of 2016 by Sam Melesko in efforts to provide a product to her friends and family that was safer and non-toxic.

We offer handcrafted, all natural bath and body products that perfectly suit anyone looking to indulge in a daily self-care routine. Since our skin is our largest organ, it is vital to remember that what we put onto our bodies, is just as important as what we put into it. We also feel it is important to support local, organic, farmers so we often feature their products and use their ingredients in our shop! The pure essential oils used to scent each product are also meant to relax the mind and allow each user to reach a calmer state of being.

Sam’s Organics host’s wellness retreats around the San Diego area as well as a yearly international retreat. These whole-body healing retreats, provide many unique experiences for our community. In the past, Sam has taught DIY organic product lessons, provided educational lessons on essential oils, veganism, and equipment used in a vegan lifestyle as well as hands on cooking lessons. You can take a sneak peek into our past retreats by watching recap videos in our VIDEO SECTION. You can also check out the Wellness Webinar Video Series that features similar lessons described above that Sam has filmed for those who cannot attend a local retreat!

We so appreciate your interest in this small business and hope to interact with you in some way soon!


Samantha Melesko received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Rhode Island in May of 2011. After college, Sam began working as a Registered Nurse in the medical-surgical area then the Emergency Department in a Magnet Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. She realized quickly during this time that many patients were not being given the appropriate information they needed to heal and that many treatments revolved around pharmaceuticals.

After three years in this setting, Sam was given the opportunity to move to San Diego, CA with her husband Nick and became a Registered Credentialed School Nurse in the elementary school setting. Sam began to love nursing again as she was able to interact with and educate students on topics she was passionate about. It was here and through multiple trips to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, that Sam developed a strong passion for plant based eating and product usage. After switching her diet and foods over the course of several years, she began recipe development on what is now Sam’s Organics.

Sam will be receiving her raw food chef certification in 2018 and hopes to continue to provide educational retreats and organic products that will heal and allow people to feel their best!

Please feel free to reach out and connect with her by emailing:
sam [a] samsorganics.com