My wife bought Sam’s Organics Lemon Grass Body Butter for herself but now I use it everyday! I have had dry skin on my nose that would never go away with other products. Two days of using this product cleared up my skin permanently. I use it after I shave on my face everyday. Great product!
-Christopher A.

I have a lot of difficulty finding moisturizing creams that don't burn and itch on my face since I have very sensitive skin. Sam's Lemongrass Body Butter is so gentle and refreshing on my face and I love how soft it makes my skin feel. I've gotten better results than I've had using name brand creams that have cost A LOT more money and I love that it's organic. The fragrance is very pleasing, too.
-Michele S.
-San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Sam's Organics is my all time favorite product line! The lip balms smell so divine and make my lips so shiny, soft and moisturized. I am addicted to the Lemongrass Body Butter. It reminds me of a tropical paradise. The skin is the biggest organ of the human body and I always feel better about using Sam's Organics products, handmade with love and real ingredients!
-Lauren U.
-Pacific Beach, CA

I'm in love with the Lavender Lip Balm! It has such a gentle, calming scent and doesn't cause build up in the corners of my lips, definitely a must have!
-Roxanne B.
-Fall River, MA

I love that with Sam's Organics, a little bit goes a long way and you can feel good about applying it as many times as you want. The products are smooth and smell great!
-Nick M.
-Pacific Beach, CA

Natural, fresh and soothing. Sam's Organics sampler pack is a must-have if you love clean, quality hygiene products. I would highly recommend the Spearmint Eucalyptus lip balm - it's comfortable, aromatic and lasts longer than any other product I've used on the market. It's also completely handmade. The Lemongrass Body Butter is smooth, easy to apply and sun proof - something my mom has never been able to find, and now loves! Thank you Sam for your awesome products!
-Andrew G.
-Boston, MA

I love Sam's Lavender Lip Balm. I put it on just before I go to sleep. The scent of lavender is amazing. I also really like the Lemongrass Body Butter. I put it on my feet right after a shower (with socks) and it keeps my feet soft. It smells so delightful.
-Ursula R.
-San Diego, CA

Clean, pure, wholesome, rich in texture and calming.
-Jean G.
-Beverly, MA

I'm obsessed with the roll on perfumes! They smell amazing and it lasts all day! I love knowing I'm putting a natural, healthy product on my skin!
-Sheri S.
-Marshfield, MA

I was thrilled to receive a selection of Sam's Organics. I have been using the body butter, lip balm, roll on scent and soy candles. I love them all! A MUST TRY!
-Leaanne, S.
-Falmouth, MA

Truly clean, healthy, rejuvenating products. Being a frequent traveler to Central America and enduring countless hours of surfing, hiking and adventure in the tropical sun, having Sam's Organics is an absolute skin saver. The products texture, smoothness and effectiveness is second to none. I will not travel anywhere without my Sam's. Pura Vida!
-Todd, P.
-Brentwood, NH

I love Sam's Organics roll ons, I always have one handy and find myself using it throughout the day to calm down in times of stress and also to perk me up a little with their freshness! The body butter is also divine, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth and protected from the sun without any harmful chemicals. I highly reccomend Sam's products!
-Elara, M.
-San Diego, CA

All natural and handmade products that are actually beneficial to your skin and lips void of any harmful and toxic chemicals. The body butters are luxurious, naturally protective of the sun's harmful rays and smell amazing. Your skin actually drinks it up a few minutes after application. Not to downplay the quality of the Lip Balms. There is no better feeling than knowing you are not consuming harmful chemicals while protecting your lips. Thank you Sam's Organics, a healthy and beautiful feeling has never been so easy!
-Raquel P.
-Fall River, MA

I've been a customer of Sam's for over a year now and I just can't get enough of her pure, soothing products. She has been refilling my butter jars for some time now and I really appreciate the ability to recycle the jars. I really notice the high quality in the oils she uses compared to other products. I also want to note that my mom had a sore on her hand which would not go away, within five days of using Sam's body butter it was gone! Thank you so much Sam!
-Tina P.
-San Diego, CA