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Eco Friendly Holiday Shopping Guide - $15 & Under

Dear Santa, 
I came up with a great list of gift ideas for all your #vegan, #plantbased, #ecofriendly humans of the world. I really hope compiling this lands me on your 'NICE' list for 2018 and trust me, I'm not being biased with #1, #5, #7, or #10 choice. Feel empowered by your decision this Holiday to gift eco-friendly and vegan products that also help save the planet. Click the links or photos to shop!
Coming in at $10.00 this is the perfect gift for your co-worker, mail man, or friend you forgot to buy for! Purchase a few of these and leave on your tree, that way at your Holiday party when Aunt Jane gives you another sweater, you don't have to feel bad about forgetting her gift! 
Lip Balm Holiday Ornament
This is the greatest gift to give someone who travels a ton or eats on the go. By using this re-usable bamboo cutlery set, you can help to save the planet and reduce your foot print by reducing plastic waste and unnecessary to go packaging and trash. I can't think of an easier way to spoil someone at $8.99, click the photo to shop!
This was the very first book I was gifted by my dear friend Steph Reusch on my food awakening journey. This is a simple read, but one that I have read over 50 times. These simple rules Michael Pollan writes can really help re-define how you use and appreciate food! If you want to show someone you really love them and maybe they need some help with their food choices too, gift them this book for $11.70! 
Have a couple in your life that has everything and looking for the perfect gift? I can assure you they are not tongue scraping yet! When they ask, "What you think we have bad breath," just reply "no, I want you to have the best possible taste buds!" Ha! Using these copper tongue scrapers each morning will help to reduce bad breath, plaque build up, and improve overall taste. Coming in at $12.00 for 2, I can't think of a better gift for that special couple. (P.S my life has changed since using these- who knew we needed these!?)
Wanting to gift someone coal this Holiday season, gift this organic, cleansing and purifying organic white sage bundle instead! Help support this small business as well as 75 year old farmers Ellen and Ken of Sage Winds Farm with the purchase of this sage bundle. Choose between a $7 or $10 bundle for that special someone in your life, that you REFUSE to give coal to. 
Want to save the planet while brushing your teeth? Then I have the perfect gift for you! These BPA free, Biodegradable, Bamboo, Individually Numbered Tooth Brushes are the perfect gift for that lovely family in your life. If $9.00 isn't breaking the bank, you can purchase them this Organic Charcoal Tooth Paste to go with their brushes. I'll take the #1 tooth brush, finders fee, ha ha! 
Want to gift your bestie a tropical Holiday vacation this year, but only have $15.00 in your bank account? Then, look no further than this handcrafted, small batch, organic Lemongrass Body Butter. If your family or friends live near the Artic Tundra then this is a great way for them to start the day in a tropical mind set and to help their skin survive the harsh winter weather. I've personally been using this for over 3 years so I clearly recommend you start using it too! 
Have a woman in your life that deserves the best beauty can offer, well then, look no further than this Bamboo Dry Brush. Using this daily before the shower can help to eliminate cellulite, improve circulation, remove dry dead skin cells, improve lymphatic drainage, and enhance blood flow. Coming in at $10.95, this is probably the cheapest, best beauty secret out there! Oh, and the bristles are made from vegetables and cactus, no animals harmed here! 
I love people who gift healthy foods, supplements and spices! Like what could someone want more than a healthy addition to their life or regimen! This Hawaiian Spirulina is a perfect daily supplement to add to anyone's day. This a natural detoxifier, helps boost immune system, reduce fatigue, and helps to build endurance. Coming in at $14.55, give the gift that keeps on giving! 
This is one of our best selling products and the Eucalyptus Peppermint scent is perfect as a Holiday gift, although the Lavender is the best selling scent. I use this spray in my room before bed, as a perfume during the day, in my car as a freshener, on my face as a toner, and I inhale this whenever I need to simply relax. The easiest and most versatile $10.00 you could probably spend this season!
I do hope you enjoy this eco-friendly and vegan gift guide. 
Thank you for supporting small businesses and products that help to save Mama Earth this season! 
Love & Happiness, 

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