Vegan Eats in Portland

I'm still full from everything I ate this weekend in Portland Oregon. We had so much fun renting a luxury RV through Outdoorsy for three days to celebrate my husband Nick's 30th birthday and to tour the Northern Coast of Oregon. Our first stop was to Ainsworth State Park to wake up and visit Multonomah Falls! It was a breathtaking site and I was happy to be there at a time with minimal tourists and to witness the beautiful Fall foliage. We hiked to the draw bridge you see here and took this selfie! 
If you know me,  you know I was already dreaming of brunch in Portland (for about a month) so at this point I was eager to get onto our first foodie spot of the journey, The Homegrown Smoker, a 100% Plant Based and Vegan Smoked BBQ Restaurant. I had seen many reviews and pictures online and was practically salivating as I ordered this sampler plate below of MacNoCheese, Corn Hush Puppies, Sweet Potato Fries, BBQ Soy Curls and Smoked Tempeh Ribs. My husband and I could barely finish this and took an entire portion to go but I was glad to have tried most of their smokey flavors. Overall it satisfied my BBQ craving for a long time, I loved the hush puppies and mac n cheese but also enjoyed the crispiness of the soy curls, they reminded me of typical bbq foods. We also tried their Buffalo Chikn Wings made with a soy and tempeh mix.  I think it's amazing that vegan food like this exists, if and when a craving pops up or to celebrate a special occasion.  Homegrown Smoker surely got their texture similarities down pact, the ribs even tear apart and appear pinkish like their pig counterparts, just no animals hurt in the process. 
(I will now try to figure out some raw vegan bbq ideas!)
Home Grown Smoker Sampler
Chikn Wings Homegrown Smoker
After becoming overwhelmingly full, we spent some time hiking and exploring on the coast of Oregon in Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park and Cape Lookout State Park. I loved the remoteness feeling of all of the locations, it was a beautiful mix of rainbows, rain, changing leaves, tall pines and intense oceans. It wasn't long though until my foodie senses were excited to be back in Portland at the close of our trip for some more amazing eats! I'm a closet (well not anymore I guess) doughnut lover, so of course, we 'accidentally' stumbled upon Voodoo Doughnut's while walking the streets in Portland. I was so excited to find out about all of their amazing vegan options for their specialty doughnut's and took one to go (Old Dirty Bastard - PB and Crushed Oreo) because doughnut's are healthy in moderation everyone!
(Or at least that's what I've convinced myself of!)
Voodoo Doughnut
Our last supper in Portland was at the beautiful and quaint Blossoming Lotus. We were lucky to experience most of Portland's busy food scene during off hours on a Monday which left most of the crowds at bay. It was an amazing homey feeling restaurant with 100% plant based and vegan options. I guess I was on a BBQ kick because I devoured these amazing Korean style pulled jackfruit tacos with radishes, purple cabbage, asian pear, cilantro slaw, goji berry gochujang BBQ sauce, and a avocado and charred scallion guacamole.  I of course paid the extra to get the avocado on top. I actually stated after eating them that they were the best jackfruit style food I had ever had, ever.. and I've had a lot of jackfruit people!  We couldn't leave Portland without of course, more sweets, so we enjoyed this raw vegan blackberry cheezecake as our parting taste. 
Until next time Portland, stay weird, beautiful and delicious. 
I'm going back to plants and green juice now. 
BBQ Jackfruit TacosRaw Vegan Raspberry Cheezecake
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Heading to Cape Lookout State Park?- The Meridien had amazing vegan options like their grilled cauliflower with chimichurri sauce, but I didn't take any pics! 

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